Treating 6 Common Puppy Fractures

Fractures are common in puppies as like it’s common in human beings. The dogs have high pain tolerance and therefore it is easy to treat them but be gentle when you treat them and the dog will let you know when it hurts. Here some treatments when your pup has fractured.

Act Quickly

If your dog is suspected to have any injury or fracture, never take it in an easy manner. Get it to your veterinarian immediately and get him the proper medical care. In case your if your veterinarian is not available on 24/7 then have some backup phone numbers and address of the hospitals.  If you neglect to treat your dogs then you may result in giving a lifelong pain to your dogs.

Utilize a Muzzle if Necessary

muzzle for dogs.jpg


Your dog might become anxious and aggressive when it experiences pain and therefore it will not allow you to go nearby and will span on your face as a defense mechanism. In such cases, you can make use of the muzzles to treat the dog and as well as to calm them down.There is a lot of judgment when it comes to certain breeds of dangerous dogs.


Hygiene is very important while treating the injury in dogs. Make use of clean napkins and towels to wipe off the blood and stains in the dog because the infection is possible in fractures when the injury is cut open and breaks that involves blood.

Say NO to Self Treatments


If your dogs are fractured or injured never go for self-treatments or medications like applying antiseptic creams etc.

Use Proper Restraint

If your dog is smaller then restraint then in your arms or lap or in a carrier when you drive to the hospital when its medium sized or larger make to kneel as they cannot move. Do not keep your dog unrestrained as they can cause further injury or distraction.

Be Prepared for the Costs

The expenses for surgery can be more and you will have to spend few thousands on it and therefore be prepared for that. If feel the expense to be an issue then ensure that you go for a pet insurance where you have to pay some money every month as a safety measure.


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