Remedies For Dogs Ear Infection

Dogs are known for their loyalty, friendliness and loving nature. Ear infections are the most common disease found in dogs. If your dog is agitated without any reasons, scratches the back ears more often or shakes the head persistently, it means that your dog suffers by ear infection. The infection is of three types inner ear infection and outer ear infection and middle ear infection.

Warm Compress


dog warm compress.jpg

Apply some warm compress for outer ear infections. This will treat redness, inflammation, and pain in ears. To do this soak a towel in hot water and squeeze out the excessive water and press it on the dog’s ear gently. Employ the remedy for several times a day to get better results.


Add two tablespoons of ACV in a cup of water and give it your dog twice daily and also clear your dogs ear with it.

Margosa Oil



The antimicrobial properties of the Margose oil will alleviate the infections in the dog’s ears. Therefore combine ½ teaspoon of tea tree oil, ½ oz of olive oil and 1 oz of margose oil and put 10-20 drops of this oil into the dog’s ears utilizing a dropper. Also massage the ears gently by applying the oil on the outer surface. This remedy will sooth the inflammation and will provide you with better relief.

Aloe Vera Gel

Heat some aloe vera gel and pour one teaspoon of this warm gel into the infected ears. Repeat the remedy everyday for better results.

Almond Oil



Heat some almond oil and pour ½ a teaspoon of this oil in each of the ears when the oil is warmer. This also another best remedy to ward off the infection and also to prevent the infection.



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