Remedies For Dogs Fleas


Fleas are small parasites that live on the external parts of the dog. The fleas are just same the lice found on the human hair. These fleas would cause itchiness in dogs and are annoying. Here are few remedies for fleas in dogs.

Essential Oil




Mix 3-5 drops of lavender oil and cedar wood oil in 3 tablespoons of water. Apply this solution on the collar utilizing a dropper or you can also apply it on the banana and rub the fabric. Hence you can this will help you to ward off the fleas on the head. Reapply this oil on the banana once in a week.


Mix one teaspoon of ACV in water for every 40-pound dog and let the dog consume this drink. This drink will not only alleviate the fleas but also improves the skin condition and the coat from inside and outside.There is a lot of judgment when it comes to certain breeds of dangerous dogs.





Boil some lemon slices of lemon in a pot of water and leave to cool overnight. Dip your dogs comb or utilize a sponge to dip the in the water and comb or brush your hair. Do this repeatedly to alleviate the fleas.

Flea Spray




Add a cup of white vinegar with quart cup of water and 5-8 drops of each lavender oil and cedar wood oil. Pour this oil into a spray can and spray it on the dog, avoid getting it in contact with the eyes. Also, spray this solution on the dog’s mattresses.

Flea Bag

Utilize a muslin bag and add a handful of cedar chips and some lavender buds and 1 lemon peel into the bag, tie the bag with a ribbon and place it under the dog’s bed to avoid the fleas.


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