Remedies For Dogs Hot Spots

Hot spots are caused by bacteria when the dog chews or irritates the broken skin. The hot spots are often painful and itchy here are few remedies for hot spots in dogs.

Cut Hair Surrounding The Hot Spots

Trim your dog’s hair when it is infected by the hot spots especially when your dog has fussy long hair. When the hair mates with the wound it may result in further inflammation, irritation and may also cause puss formation. The trimming process may also help in healing process.

Cleanse The Hair



After clipping the hair you have to clean the wound and give some hot compress to the irritated skin. This will make the wound soothing.

Salt Water

Make use of the salt water to treat the hot spots. Fill a bowl with some hot water and add a tablespoon of salt to it. Dip a clean cloth into the solution and place it on the spots. This will alleviate the swellings and the pass on the hot spots.

Tea Bags



The tannic acid present in tea helps to relieve the sores and so make use of green tea bag or black tea bag to moisten the skin and to relieve the inflammation. Cool down an utilized tea bag and put it on the hot spots. Repeat the process several times a day until you see the desired results in the healing process.

Hydro-Cortisone Creams

Make use of cortisone creams at the first sight of the hot spots. Doing this will prevent the inflammation and swelling and will cure the hot spots at the first sight.


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