Remedies For Dogs Worms

Ringworm is not at all a worm but a skin disease caused by fungal infection. Ringworms are characterized by circular sores, the ringworm infects the dogs and as well as human beings. The incubation period of the worm takes 10-12 days and when once the worms started to spread the infection or allergy starts to spread to the whole of the body. Here are some remedies for ringworm in dogs.

Take Him to the Vet


Take him to the Vet once when you come to know about the ringworms. The vet would mostly prescribe griseofulvin, which is in tablet form. This tablet has to be administered daily. During this phase treat your dog with fatty foods like meat, or other canned foods available at the pet store. Sometimes you vet might also prescribe some tropical medicines which are available over the counter.

Tropical Creams

The second option would be visiting the nearby pet shop and take some topical antifungal medications. Treat the infected areas with this cream for about 10-14 days. Be careful in not letting the cream in contact with the pet’s eyes. Some of the tropical treatments include miconazole cream, Lotrimin cream, and 1-percent chlorhexidine cream.


chlorodixene shampoo.jpg

Make use of shampoos that contain 0.5 percent chlorhexidine shampoo, 2-percent miconazole shampoo or ketoconazole shampoo. Antifungal shampoo bathing must be done on daily until the sores get healed and the hair regrows.

Lime Sulphur Dip

Purchase some lime sulfur dip available from the drug store or on online purchase. Perform this dip twice per week for first two weeks, then once in a week and the gradually to once in four weeks and to once in six weeks. It’s advised to wear gloves while treating your dog with the dip to avoid yourself from getting infected. This effective dip will give you some nasty rotten eggs smell. Stain on fabrics will cause temporary yellowing of white fur and it can also tarnish your jewelry. Ensure that you perform this action in a well-ventilated area.


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