How To Get Rid Of Epulis Tumors In The Mouths Of Dogs

Epulis tumor is considered as a type of tumors which appears in the gum line of the dog’s mouth. Epulis are considered as non-cancerous (benign) but it should be taken care in the early phase or else it may develop into malignant tumors. They occur most common among dogs and sometimes in cats. Epulis are discovered in the mouth region of the dogs near the gum line or under the tongue or in between the teeth, and it will be reddish or pinkish in color. There are three different types prevails in epulis tumors they are acanthomatous, fibromatous and ossifying. The symptoms of the epulis will be accompanied by,

  • Bad breath
  • Difficulties in breathing and consuming foods
  • Bleeding gums
  • Drooling
  • Loss of appetite

Here, some of the ideas are shared about how to get rid of epulis tumors in the mouths of dog.

Deep Clean


Though your dog is annoying you to clean its teeth it is very important to make a deep clean in its mouth. While cleaning the teeth you may also notice the growth of infectious tumors, and it will help you in treating the tumors in the initial stage.

Remove The Infected Teeth


If a tumor affects the teeth of your dog badly then there is no otherwise idea to save the teeth. Removing the infected teeth will be a better choice as it avoids the spreading the infections to the nearby tooth. Consult a professional and get the advice for the removal of teeth.There is a lot of judgment when it comes to certain breeds of dangerous dogs.


If an epulis tumor appeared on the gum line of your dog’s mouth, it will be mostly irreversible. So, surgery makes a better way to get rid of it.  Take your dog to the veterinarian and get the proper advice for the surgery to be made.


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