Remedies for Dog’s Allergies

Allergies are disgusting factors. They will make the dog restless by making it to scratch and lick excessively. These allergies may happen due to many issues like allergens, bad weather, and wrong foods. The symptoms would be watched by your infected dogs can be itching, red eyes, rashes, biting, chewing and scratching. Here are some remedies which will treat dog allergies.

Apple Cider Vinegar



Apple cider vinegar will treat dog allergies to a greater extent. Fill a sprayer with the apple cider vinegar and spray it directly on the itchy and rashes filled areas. It will provide a greater relief in allergies. Repeat this process regularly until the allergies vanish.

Careful With Dog Foods

In most of the cases, food poisoning will be a major reason for allergies in a dog. It might result in diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite, at that times stop feeding those food items further. Healthy foods will build healthy dogs, so feed them with all nutrients essential for their better growth.

Regular Bath


dog bath.jpg

Bathing will cleanse your dog’s body free from infections. Regular bathing with natural soap and shampoo will provide better cleanliness in them. Rinse your dog’s fur well as it might contain the allergens and microorganisms which cause allergies.

White Vinegar for Ear Allergies

In the case of severe ear infections with a secretion of wax, scratching, bad odors from the ears pour some drops of white vinegar in the ear canal. Take your veterinarian’s advice before taking this action.




To help your puppy to get rid of allergies related to itchiness and rashes try oatmeal bath for immediate relief.  Mix the baby oatmeal in the bathtub filled warm water and soak your furry baby in it. It will really work well. Repeat this process frequently until the itchiness due to allergies fades off.


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