Remedies for Dog’s Dry Skin

Dog’s dry skin will be an irritating thing to it. Dry skin will leads itchiness and flaky skin in dogs. It will create a greater disturbance to a puppy and to its owner too. Dry skin will seem to be a normal thing but it creates some warning of a serious factor. So treat the dry skin with effort and closely watch your puppy’s improvement. Some of the causes are dry skins are a deficiency in nutrition, dry climate, using wrong shampoo or soap etc. There are certain remedies prevail for dog’s dry skin which is listed below.

Chamomile Tea



Chamomile tea is used to alleviate the itchiness and rashes caused by the dry skin.  It is recommended to use chilled chamomile tea for better results. Chilled chamomile tea sprayings will give soothe and relief from the dry skin to your puppy. Fill the chamomile tea in a spray can or spray bottle and use it on the dog’s dry skin.


Yogurt provides a protection against yeast infection in the dog’s intestine. It builds the immune power of the dog and helps it to overcome the dry skin issues. So feed your puppy with a spoon of low-fat yogurt every day.

Essential Oil as Shampoo



Treat your dog with essential oil shampoo for better results in alleviating dry skin. Add few drops of eucalyptus oil to natural shampoo and rinse with water mixed with 1-2 teaspoons of vinegar on your puppy’s fur and skin. Regulate this bathing for few weeks.

Epsom salt

Epsom salt helps your puppy with an effective treatment for the sores and itchiness caused by dry skin.  Epsom salts can be used as heat packs or soaks or in bathing water. Add some teaspoons of Epsom salt to the lukewarm water and give a bath to your puppy. It will soothe and healing to the itchiness.


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