Remedies for Dogs with Itchy Paws

The itchy paws are the results of bacterial invasion in the dog’s body. The paws of the dogs will be soft in nature and tender; these areas are too sensitive to get affected by the bacteria. The inflammation caused by the bacterial infections tends your dog to feel itchiness. This is the reason why your puppy licks its paws excessively. There are varied causes for itchy paws like allergies, chemicals, and pesticides. Try the following remedies for itchy paws of your dog to get better results.

Epsom Salt



Take a tub filled with cool water and add 1-2 teaspoons of Epsom salt to it. Make your puppy to enjoy its soak in Epsom salt water. Soak its paws in the water for about 10-15 minutes. It will give soothing and kills the infections causing itchiness. Repeat this process twice a day for better results.


Yeast will be toxic to dogs only if they lick it but the yeast will fight against the infections causing inflammation. So use it externally by mixing it in tub water and allow your puppy to soak its paws in it. Take care of your puppy that they should not lick the yeast on their paws.

Rubbing Alcohol


Dermatitis will be the main cause for itchiness. It will be getting rid using rubbing alcohol and aspirin combo. Mix a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and 2 capsules of aspirin which should be uncoated in the water along with chamomile tea bag dipped in it. Use this solution to clean the paws once in regular interval of time, repeat it several times a day.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil will help your dog to get rid of itchy paws. Apply some drops of mineral oil in the paws of your puppy and cover them with cloth or bandage to some extent until the oil absorbed by the skin completely.


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